Our Mission

Cardinal assists established Telemedia/IT industry management teams in conceiving and then closing new business development initiatives. 

This includes uniquely targeting strategic partners, securing strategic investment, and/or signing key new customers.

Cardinal also assists early-stage Telemedia/IT ventures in:

  • Rethinking and then repositioning existing, often stalled or failing business development initiatives;
  • Restarting capital-raise strategies with a more focused, pinpointed , and realistic approach;
  • Signing early strategic investors for small yet critical capital, including assisting in the quantitative financial valuation and "investor returns" story necessary to secure the investment;
  • Creating actionable, targeted, cost-effective, yet winning telemedia execution strategies in business development.

These efforts may also require forming and advocating mutually-reinforcing regulatory and public policy (FCC) positions.  


Cardinal has broad business development expertise in landline telecom services (IXC, CLEC, cable), global cable services, terrestrial wireless, U.S. and global satellite (fixed and mobile; narrowband and broadband), telemedia content and applications, U.S. and I.T.U. spectrum licensing, and network equipment new product launch. 




Cardinal Telemedia

Washington, DC